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GreenPower For You

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Purchase wind power to offset energy use. Power is procured from the Wolf Wind Farm in Nobles County.


R4 Solar

Welcome to R4 Solar - a public power, utility-scale, community solar project powered by Central Municipal Power Community Services in the Minnesota cities of Blue Earth, Granite Falls, Janesville, Kasson, Kenyon, and Sleepy Eye. R4 Solar is a voluntary program that allows residential and commercial utility customers to purchase subscriptions to a shared, community-based solar resource. Customers can buy subscription(s) to match or offset a portion of their energy use and receive a corresponding credit on their monthly power bill that reflects the panel's energy production and market prices.


Why Community Solar?

Economies of scale provide community solar projects with significant cost advantages over rooftop solar installations. As a result, community solar provides a competitive and hassle-free alternative to traditional rooftop solar systems.


By participating in a community solar project, like R4 Solar, you'll help reduce your carbon footprint associated with your electric consumption. For every kilowatt-hour of solar energy that you use, your local utility will need to purchase one less kilowatt-hour from conventional fuel resources.


How Do Subscriptions to R4 Solar Work?

Any interested residential or commercial utility customer of a participating CMPCS utility can sign-up for a subscription to R4 Solar. The subscription fees cover the proportional share of the fixed costs associated with installing the R4 Solar project for the community. In exchange, you'll receive a credit offset on your utility bill for the proportional amount of solar produced from the panel(s) on a monthly basis.


Where is R4 Solar Available?

R4 Solar is currently available in the public power cities of Blue Earth, Granite Falls, Janesville, Kasson, Kenyon, and Sleepy Eye.


How Can I Participate?

A great next step would be to review the brochure linked below. The R4 Solar brochure provides additional details about the program and what you can expect as a subscriber. It also contains a worksheet to help you determine the level of subscription(s) that make sense for you and a program application that you can complete and return to your utility to participate.


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