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GreenPower For You

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Purchase wind power to offset energy use. Power is procured from the Wolf Wind Farm in Nobles County.



The R4 Renewables GreenPower program allows residential and business customers of a CMPcs utility to support additional purchases of renewable wind energy that offset their electricity needs. The R4 wind program purchases and retires renewable energy credits based on the production of power at Wolf Wind, LLC, located in Nobles County, Minnesota. 


Customers can voluntarily purchase all or part of their energy from the Wolf Wind Farm. The fee for a GreenPower energy block is $2, and that premium covers the cost to integrate more blocks of green power into the existing electric grid. Blocks of 100 kWh may be purchased for a minimum period of 12 months with AUTOMATIC RENEWAL until the customer requests in writing that the service be discontinued.


The benefit of the GreenPower program is that for each kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity that is generated from renewable energy resources, one kWh of traditional (non-renewable) electricity is offset. Although more GreenPower lessens dependence on conventional fuel resources, a still wind or cloud cover pattern prohibits power generation. The intermittent nature of renewable resources require extra planning and back-up resources to ensure that production levels match consumer demand and electricity production simultaneously.


Click the application below to find out how you can start taking advance of renewable wind power.



*Customers receiving energy assistance or weatherization services are ineligible for this service.