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Start Now, Save More

Incentive Rebates

Before making equipment and efficiency upgrades, contact your local CMPAS utility for efficiency bonus information. Review qualifying purchases, complete forms and start saving.


Energy Calculators

Energy Calculators for Your Home

How much does it cost you to operate electric appliances, equipment, and gadgets? Check out the answer with the energy calculators provided at the websites below.  


Electronics from the Consumer Technology Association: Learn how much electricity your devices use and how you can conserve. »Evaluate electronics operating costs here


Refrigerator from Energy Star: Discover how much you can save by getting rid of an old refrigerator and replacing it with an Energy Star model.  » Estimate your savings here


Utility Bill Energy Yardstick from Energy Star: Compare your home to others. » Click here to compare


Insulation from Energy Star: Use your zip code and other information to determine the best level of insulation for your home. » Calculate insulation needs for your home


Insulation R-Value from the Oakridge Laboratory: Determine the recommended r-value for walls, space around windows and doors, etc. » Calculate insulation R-value here


Water Heaters from Energy Star: Estimate the cost of operating your water heater and/or the cost of a replacement unit. » Go to water heater calculator


Lights from Energy Star: Find the right light for various indoor and outdoor situations in the light guide. » Find your best bulb here