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Start Now, Save More

Incentive Rebates

Before making equipment and efficiency upgrades, contact your local CMPAS utility for efficiency bonus information. Review qualifying purchases, complete forms and start saving.



Welcome to the CMPcs My Energy Savings program. Although homes built after the year 2000 are 30 percent bigger and contain more appliances and electronics than ever before, the energy use in these homes is only 2 percent higher than older homes. How can that be, you might ask? Well at the same time manufacturers put greater emphasis on improving personal comfort they also created products that are much more energy efficient than the previous generation of appliances.


Best of all, your public power utility provides homeowners incentives to choose energy efficient appliances and systems. My Energy Savings is your connection to all of these great savings programs along with tips and resources to help you efficiently manage your energy use.

Energy Programs for your Home

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    Tips and Rebates
    Discover energy saving tips and rebate offers to help you save energy and money on your energy bill. LEARN MORE
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    Trade Allies
    Connect with local area partners for electrical expertise through professional installation and product choices. LEARN MORE
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    Electronic Recyclers
    Find the refrigerator and freezer recycling form and other electronic recycling resources. LEARN MORE
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    Energy Calculators
    Calculate how much it costs to operate and insulate your appliances, and more. LEARN MORE
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    Load Management
    Live in Blue Earth, Kenyon or Kasson? Learn more about special electric rates if you allow your local electric utility control the powering of your air conditioner and/or water heater. LEARN MORE