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Start Now, Save More

Incentive Rebates

Before making equipment and efficiency upgrades, contact your local CMPAS utility for rebate information. Complete and submit the contact form and learn how you can start saving.


Efficiency Consultations

CMPAS utilities offer complimentary access to energy engineering analysis services from Energy Insight, Inc. The team at Energy Insight specializes in helping businesses implement practical strategies to conserve energy, lower costs, and increase profit margins.


Trade Allies

Electrical Expertise for your Home and Business

When you need a helping hand for electrical expertise, the list below is provided for your convenience. These Savings Plus trade allies within and near CMPAS utilities can provide you recommendations and assistance in choosing energy efficient technologies for homes and businesses.


While turning off lights and appliances when not in use has become second nature for most of us, purchasing energy efficient appliances, lighting, and electronics has also become second nature. Since this activity lowers air emissions from electric use, the State of Minnesota wants to track this reduction by requiring utilities to reduce gross retail sales 1.5 percent every year. These reductions are tracked through customer participation in rebate incentives and is how government regulators and utilities determine kilowatts and kilowatt hours saved.  


We value the Savings Plus community partnerships that we have with our trade allies and customers to determine energy savings and lower air emissions. We encourage you to apply for Savings Plus incentive rebates when making Energy Star and other energy efficient choices.


Click HERE to download the Trade Ally Application


Electrical Expertise Only a Click or Phone Call Away


Anderson Electric


Darfur Electric

Electrical construction and wiring installation

Serving Savings Plus communities in Mountain Lake,

29574 650th Ave.

Butterfield, MN 56120

Contact: Bruce Koenig

Phone: 507-877-5801

Fax: 507-877-3315

Email: darfurel@frontiernet.net


Electric Service Company of Blue Earth, Inc.

Electric Service Company of Blue Earth and Wells, MN is a fully licensed electrical, HVAC and plumbing contractor in the state of Minnesota, South Dakota and Iowa.  We are here to serve your needs and exceed your expectations in whatever projects you may pursue.

610 N. Hood Street

Blue Earth, MN 56013

Contact: James Meyer

Phone: 507-526-2255

Fax: 507-526-4499

Email: esco@bevcomm.net

Website: http://www.electricserviceblueearth.com


Hanson Plumbing

We do everything from drain cleanings to new construction plumbing. We also sell and install water heaters, water softeners, bathroom and kitchen fixtures (toilets, tub/showers, sinks, faucets, ect.). Come visit our showroom!

P.O. Box 361

1018 3rd Avenue

Mountain Lake, MN 56159

Contact: Brent Hanson

Phone: 507-427-3506

Fax: 507-427-3504

Email: brenthansonplumbing@yahoo.com

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hanson-Plumbing/218773484892102


R. C. Peterson Electric, Inc.

We maintain our reputation as a quality, efficient contractor in all divisions of our business including electrical services, dust suppression and lightning surge protection.

10070 15th Ave. S. E.

Granite Falls. MN 56241

Contact: Robert C. Peterson

Phone: (320-564-2299

Fax: (320) 564-4442

Email: pete@rcpetersonelectric.com

Website: rcpetersonelectric.com


The Retrofit Companies

Specializing in lighting retrofits and electrical contracting, recycling and supply.

1010 Hoffman Drive, Suite A

Owatonna, MN 55060

Phone: 507-414-5154


Zinniel Electric

Providing full service electrical contracting and solar PV design and installation.

25955 County Road 27

Sleepy Eye, MN 56085

Phone: 507-794-7768

Fax: 507-794-5267

Email: info@zinnielelectric.com



Have an emerging generation or energy efficiency technology that might be of interest to your local utility or CMPAS? If so, please contact us at 507-526-2193 or info@cmpasgroup.org.